Power Pearls Hillary Clinton Should Wear

A few helpful suggestions for the former Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton

At the November 14 Democratic debate in Des Moines, Hillary Clinton wore an oversize pearl necklace. Now, the former secretary of state, senator and first lady has worn pearls throughout her career, as have many female politicians.

But her necklace that night was no ordinary strand – it was large, bold and telegraphed a soft power. Because her bauble of choice seems to be the pearl, we asked several jewelry designers about what she should wear on Saturday night in New Hampshire at the last Democratic debate of the year.

Photo by @hillaryclinton on Instagram.


“My Pearl Time earring reminds me of Hillary: classic from afar but modern, with ideas that relate to our time, our realities, and beyond.” -Ana Khouri, designer


“It will be fresh to see Hilary Clinton wear a pearl cuff. It is a modern and feminine way to wear pearls which resonates with the type of woman she is.” -Mizuki, designer


“Our amazing double strand of round, green-hued pearls. They say ‘total power’ while still having a lovely, sensitive and thoughtful quality.”- Mish Tworkowski, designer


“We’d like see Hillary Clinton in a White South Sea Cultured Pearl Strand with a diamond clasp, as it radiates brilliance and confidence.” – Meyer Hoffman, COO of Mikimoto


“I suggest a double strand of South Sea pearls of medium size for a light, natural, and more interesting look that will complement Hillary Clinton’s spirited personality and add luster to her outfits.” Ella Gafter, Designer of Ellagem NY