Notes from Kiev

W’s fashion market editor shares her travel diary from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Kiev’s Spring 2016 season.

Anton Belinskiy

On my first day, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Kiev founder Daria Shapovalova took me on a tour of the city’s historic neighborhoods.

Photo by Nabile Quenum.


Here, fashion designer Anna O in her studio with her Spring 2016 collection. I love the different color combinations of her ruffled blouses.

Photo courtesy of the author.


Backstage at fashion designer Anna K’s show, models wore pearls, glitter, and more ruffles.

Photo courtesy of the brand.


The “Fashion Scout Kiev” runway show is the place to catch up-and-coming Ukrainian talent, such as Andreeva and Shushan.

Photo courtesy of the brand.


Several fashion designers, including Anton Belinsky, incorporated English words and phrases into their designs.

Photo courtesy of the brand.


After the shows, I visited Atelier 1, a 10-year-old concept store that introduced the Ukraine to brands like Comme Des Garçons. Today, it is still the most fashion forward shop in Kiev, featuring home-grown talent and edgy brands from abroad.

Photo courtesy of the brand.


A visit to the Pinchuk Art Centre gave great insight into the upheavals, turmoil, and daily life of people in the Ukraine. Here, an image from a photo series by Yuri Leiderman, which shows how the artist felt during times of turmoil.

Courtesy of the Pinchuk Art Centre.


After seeing all the sights, it is time to relax. The Kiev fashion set loves the new restaurant Odessa, where designers and editors sat down for dinner after the opening ceremony of Kiev Fashion Days.

Photo courtesy of the restaurant.