Nine Necklaces to Love

Veronica Guiduzzi

This year’s LOOT, the Museum of Art and Design’s week-long art jewelry exhibition, will bring together 55 designers from over 21 countries working in countless mediums. The uniting factor is curator Bryna Pomp, who spends her year looking at jewelers from around the globe. Before the shoppable show opened, Pomp explained the stories behind some of the best necklaces.

LOOT opens Monday, September 28th,


Ana Hagopian “She is from Spain, her pieces are made out of paper. It is treated so it becomes extremely durable. Her big theme is flowers—her necklaces are like garlands.”


Anna Porcu “She is from Sienna Italy, she combines cameos, which most people think of as a very traditional element in jewelry, with very intense leather collars and bands.”


Chiara Scarpittibr


Jacques Jarrige “Jacques is well known for his sculptures and his lighting design work. When I first met his gallerist in New York, he showed me a few pieces, but Jacques ended up creating a whole collection to debut at LOOT.”


Fabiana Gadano “She works in recycled bottles. She melts them down and reshapes the material into absolutely ethereal shapes.”


Nikki Couppee “Her jewelry is made out of assemblages of different flat stones, it’s very asymmetric, but there is something underlying that ties together each piece.”


Ornella Aprosio “Based in Florence, she works in very tiny sea-beads. Some of her pieces have a real sense of humor.”


Veronica Guiduzzi “This artist from Bologna takes real flowers and laminates them to create beautiful collages. It’s lightweight and modern.”


Petr Dvorak “He cuts stones in a way that I have never seen them cut before. He makes corrugated slices out of agate.”