Nashville: Back with a Bang

Go behind the scenes of the show’s second season.


“Rehearsing a scene in a hospital lobby with Hayden Panettiere and Lennon Stella (who plays Rayna’s daughter Maddie). It was wonderful watching them work together. Having been a child actress herself, Hayden really knew how to connect with Lennon—their scenes together are very emotional.”


“Lighting Sam Palladio, one of the easier tasks we face in a day. Sam is British, but when he steps into the role of Gunnar, his English accent evaporates. It’s always a little jarring to talk with him between takes. You forget which accent is the real one.”


“Shooting a scene at the exterior of the famed Bluebird Cafe with Clare Bowen (Scarlett) on the Nashville sound stage. When musicians visit our set, they are always floored by how similar our “Fauxbird” is to the real thing, right down to the tape on the floor. The one drawback is that unlike the real Bluebird, we are not just right down the street from Fox’s Donut Den.”


“Bluebird Cafe production stage. Almost an exact replica of the actual Bluebird, except for the removable walls, of course.”


“Michael Lohmann (Dir. of Photography), Michael Waxman (Director), Clare Bowen (Scarlett) and Chaley Rose (Zoey) set up the shots for the scene. “


“Connie Britton and I discussing a scene. This is Rayna’s first time back at the record label after her accident. She is ready to hit the ground running and take her new label and herself back to the top.”


“Here I am getting ready to roll in video village.”