Meet New York Fashion Week’s Hottest New Faces

Like clockwork, two times a year New York Fashion Week kicks off the month-long circuit of shows in London, Milan, and Paris. And with each season, comes a new batch of up-and-coming models who prepare to take Europe by storm. Before the Spring 2018 shows kick off, photographer Driely S. spent a weekend with eight of her favorite new faces–who hail from South Sudan, China, and Montana. Get to know them all, here.

Angok Mayan

Angok Mayen, 21, is a refugee from South Sudan. Agency: Heroes.

Carissa Pinkston

Carissa Pinkston, 18, is from Pennsylvania. Agency: Elite.

Danielle Lashley

Danielle Lashley, 21, is from England. Agency: Next Models.

Delilah Koch

Delilah Koch, 19, is from Montana. Agency: Elite.

Massima Lei

Massima Lei is from Iowa. Agency: Next Models.

Milena Ioanna

Milena Ioanna, 16, is from Moscow, Russia. Agency: DNA.

Natassja Tidball

Natassja Tidball, 19, was born in Mexico City, México, but grew up in Huntsville, Alabama. Agency: NY Models.

Wang Han

Wang Han, 18, is from Beijing, China. Agency: DNA.