Exclusive: On Tour With Nilüfer Yanya

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It’s not that often that a brand new artist nabs a high profile slot on a storied late night show like The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. But Nilüfer Yanya is not your typical artist. Her debut album, Miss Universe, was released in March to near unanimous positive reviews, thanks to her uncanny ability to move through different genres, from indie rock to soul to pop. This summer, she headlined her own town across North America., which will wrap up tomorrow in Toronto. In honor of completing her country-spanning summer, here, Yanya exclusively shares images from on the road, shot by her sister, Molly Daniel.


“Post fancy cocktail, pre show in Detroit. I loved this city! I got the pink jacket earlier in the day at a Goodwill store.” –Nilüfer Yanya


“Loading out after the New York show. Less than 24 hours into the East Coast tour and we had already recorded the Late Show with Steven Colbert and played our first show. Tired but wired. Also love these jeans, they’re made by AHL Studios in London.” –Nilüfer Yanya


“BLUE CORN CHIPS. Our favourite US snack. Backstage in the green room with pink walls.” –Nilüfer Yanya


“Colbert show done! Celebratory photo outside. I love New York. It always looks so New York.” –Nilüfer Yanya


“Tuning up in the Colbert studio. It kind of looks like we’re on set for an 80s music video with the lighting and my shorts . Shout out to Lauren Ferreira for styling this corset look ?” –Nilüfer Yanya


“Last minute adjustments backstage at Colbert studio. Everything ran so smoothly that morning there wasn’t any time to feel nervous.” –Nilüfer Yanya


“Nice pink hues / moody lighting for our first show in DC. I didn’t know what to expect from this show but the crowd was so cute and supportive. We had also recorded the NPR Tiny Desk session that morning ? It was also really, really hot outside.” –Nilüfer Yanya


“In the limited edition Miss Universe we did a lime green / pink colour way for the East Coast run. For West Coast we did a pink / turquoise colour way. It’s nice to change it up but I actually really miss the green ??” –Nilüfer Yanya


“Sleepy sunny soundchecks. Those aren’t my sunglasses. This was for WXPN’s XPoNential Music Festival in but midway through the show I thanked KEXP (another radio station!) for having us. Whoops.” –Nilüfer Yanya


“I think we had arrived in Newport that evening for Newport Folk Festival the next day. I say think because even though this was only last month it feels like a past life!We tried to street cast the people of Newport into this photoshoot but for some reason they weren’t into it.” –Nilüfer Yanya