Kids in Love

Olivia Bee Pre-Kiss

Olivia Bee has been steadily documenting her adolescence in hazy, nostalgic photographs. Now, a selection of those intimate images is on view in at agnès b. in New York. Here, the Oregon-native talks about how she got the shots.

Olivia Bee, Kids in Love, is on view from July 21 to July 26 at agnès b., 50 Howard Street, New York.


Pre-Kiss, 2010

“This is my early high school boyfriend, Karsten, and I at Battleground Lake during my sophomore year of high school. We felt really deep.”


Untitled (Liam), 2011

“Liam is my best friend and we lived across the street from each other for seven years, aged 11 to 18. Those years really shape you. We are really big parts of each other’s lives. Here he is skating at the park by our houses, where we hung out all the time.”


Codependency Before College, Scapoose, Oregon, 2012

“This is a later high school boyfriend, Cooper, and I right before he left for college. We needed each other all the time.”


Anna (Bitchcraft), Portland, Oregon, 2012

“This was from a crazy girl’s night I had during my senior year of high school. We came up with the tag bitchcraft.’”


Running Away Lightly Magic Hour, 2012

“My friends Candice, Hadley and Anna (same girl who is doing the graffiti heart) at Timothy Lake, which is one of my favorite lakes in Oregon. It was a no-parents weekend.”


4th of July (The Family You Choose), Portland, Oregon, 2013

“This was from last 4th of July in Santa Barbara, when I was on a road trip with some of my best friends from Portland to L.A. On this trip I discovered the true meaning of the family that you choose. These people are so special to me: Liam, Veggie, and Kasia.”


Rivka, 2013

“My friend Mattie swimming in a lake in upstate New York. We eventually got leeches there, which was a terrifying, serious bonding experience.”


Untitled (T-Shirt Weather Heaven), Portland, Oregon, 2013

“Last summer, my friend Tuesday tried to take that fish to Los Angeles with her, but it died in the car.”