From Kate Moss to Paris Hilton: What 25 Famous Women Wore to Their Birthday Parties

Actress Marylin Monroe On Her 30Tiest Birthday. Photograph. 1956.

Depending on how you feel about celebrations, there can be a lot of pressure on the birthday girl regarding what to wear for the big night. With all eyes on her, (hopefully), it’s an opportunity to be more ostentatious and sexy than any other night of the year. And no one knows this better than infamous party girls like Bianca Jagger, who “rode” into Studio 54 on a white horse for her 30th birthday in Halston and Jimmy Choo; Paris Hilton, whose now-iconic 21st birthday rhinestone dress and choker was even copied by Kendall Jenner 14 years later; plus Kate Moss, whose 30th birthday theme was based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, “The Beautiful and the Damned.” Oh, and you’re going to want to see what Ivanka Trump wore to her 25th birthday bash in Las Vegas. (Hint: It wasn’t her own label.) While these women have never spent a day of their lives being subtle nor sparing any expense, there are also more casual birthday girls to look to for inspiration, like Hillary Clinton and Lauren Hutton. No matter what you’re doing for your birthday, let these 25 famous women inspire you to wear whatever you want and have your cake, too.

Sophia Loren’s 21st Birthday, 1956

Actress Sophia Loren celebrated her 21st birthday in Greece on September 24th, 1956. She was on set for “Boy on a Dolphin,” her film with Clifton Webb (right).

Bianca Jagger’s 30th Birthday, 1977

Bianca Jagger “rode” into Studio 54 on a white horse for her 30th birthday bash in 1977 at Studio 54 hosted by Halston, which was naturally what she wore.

Diana Ross’ 38th Birthday, 1982

Singer Diana Ross celebrated her 38th birthday in Beverly Hills, California wearing an all-black jumpsuit paired with a simple belt, pearls, and pumps with tights.

Brooke Shields’ 18th Birthday, 1983

Supermodel Brooke Shields celebrated her 18th birthday party at L’Ermitage Hotel in Los Angles, California on July 13, 1983 wearing a leather skirt and white tank top.

Jennifer Lopez’s 30th Birthday, 1999

Jennifer Lopez’s friends threw her a surprise 30th birthday party at Halo in the West Village. Here, she dances with Madonna’s brother, Christopher Ciccone wearing a short red two-piece.

Paris Hilton’s 21st Birthday, 2002

Paris Hilton celebrated her 21st birthday party at the Stork Rooms on May 3, 2002 in London wearing a now-iconic rhinestone dress and matching choker.

Kendall Jenner’s 21st Birthday, 2016

For Kendall Jenner’s 21st birthday at a club in Los Angeles in 2016, the supermodel chose to pay homage to Paris Hilton’s birthday shimmery outfit.

Kate Moss’ 17th Birthday, 1991

Kate Moss and then-boyfriend Johnny Depp celebrated the supermodel’s 17th birthday in 1991 at Julie’s Restaurant in Holland Park after her formal bash that day.

Kate Moss’ 30th Birthday, 2004

Kate Moss celebrated her 30th birthday party at the home of Agent Provocateur owner Serena Rees on January 16, 2004 in London. The theme was based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald book, “The Beautiful and The Damned.”

Naomi Campbell’s 32nd Birthday, 2002

Prince Albert of Monaco hosted a birthday party for supermodel Naomi Campbell in Saint Tropez, France on May 18, 2002. She wore a strapless leopard dress and knee-high boots.

Lauren Hutton’s 40th Birthday, 1983

Lauren Hutton celebrated her 40th birthday in 1983 in Los Angeles, California wearing a casual outfit and holding a balloon that reads, “Happy mid-life crisis.”

Princess Diana’s 22nd Birthday, 1983

Being Princess and all, Diana had to spend her 22nd birthday in Canada on July 1st, 1983. She made up for it though by stepping out in a fabulous pink ensemble and feather hat.

Kim Kardashian’s 30th Birthday, 2010

Kim Kardashian celebrated her 30th birthday at the Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada, as she usually does. Tabloids wrote that her birthday cake cost over $1 million, which she later said was “ridiculous.”

Grace Jones’ 42nd Birthday, 1990

Naomi Campbell was there to celebrate Grace Jones’ 42nd birthday party in 1990 at Stringfellow’s Nightclub in New York City. Of course, no one actually ate the cake.

Beyoncé’s 20th Birthday, 2001

Beyonce Knowles celebrated her 20th birthday after MTV Video Music Awards at Club One 51 in New York City wearing a short denim mini skirt and a leopard tank top.

Kathy Hilton’s 25th Birthday, 1984

For her 25th birthday party in 1984, heiress Kathy Hilton invited Rick James to play the piano for her and her guests, plus husband Richard Hilton.

Ivanka Trump’s 25th Birthday, 2006

Ivanka Trump celebrated her 25th birthday at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas wearing a gold sequin dress, knee-high boots, and a fur coat to boot.

Hillary Clinton’s 53rd Birthday, 2000

Cher performed for Hillary Clinton on the occasion of her 53rd birthday party in 2000, which took place in Washington, D.C. during her husband’s presidency.

Lindsay Lohan’s 21st Birthday, 2007

Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 21st birthday at a private residence in Malibu California on July 2, 2007. She wore a tiara, of course, with a more subtle black dress.

Mary J. Blige’s 33rd Birthday, 2004

Mary J. Blige smokes a cigar in a white pant-suit at her birthday party at Butter in New York City in 2004. She also accessorized the look with spiral hoop earrings.

Britney Spears’ 26th Birthday, 2007
Toby Canham/Getty Images

Britney Spears celebrates her birthday inside the “Scandinavian Style Mansion” on December 1, 2007 in Bel Air, California wearing a white fur-trimmed coat and a black choker.

Elizabeth Taylor’s 50th Birthday, 1985

Elizabeth Taylor celebrated her 50th birthday party at the Legends Nightclub in London in 1985 wearing an enormous white fur coat and white feather-fringed outfit underneath.

Gloria Steinem’s 50th Birthday, 1984

Gloria Steinem celebrated her 50th birthday party in 1984 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City wearing a sweet one-shoulder purple dress, sans glasses.

Jerry Hall’s 25th Birthday, 1981

Jerry Hall celebrated her 25th birthday with then-boyfriend Mick Jagger at Mr. Chow’s restaurant in New York City in 1981. The theme appeared to be “tourist chic.”

Nicki Minaj’s 26th Birthday, 2010

Nicki Minaj celebrated her 36th birthday Kardashian-style at the Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2010. Of course, she put her own spin on her outfit, which was a bedazzled onesie.

Rihanna’s 22nd Birthday, 2010

While on the road in Seoul, South Korea, Rihanna cuts her 22nd birthday cake in a poofy pink skirt, black shirt, and slicked-back up-do hairstyle.