Paris Photo 2016: All the Best Pictures, From Muhammad Ali Underwater to Joan Didion Sunbathing


From the iconic black-and-white fashion imagery of Cecil Beaton and Horst P. Horst to modern-day photographers’ scenes from Syria and Saudi Arabia, the 20th edition of Paris Photo this weekend saw the Grand Palais play host to all manner of stand-out photography from the last century. Survey the best shots from over 150 galleries around the world, featuring everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Muhammad Ali to David Hockney‘s parents, here.

Courtesy of Paris Photo

Penna Prearo,”Jornada do Alumbramento de Apollo,” 2016, exhibited by Livraria Madalena.

Courtesy of Paris Photo

Flip Schulke, “Ali Underwater,” 1961, exhibited by Keith de Lellis.

Courtesy of Paris Photo, © The Family Acid and Benrubi Gallery, New York

Roger Steffens, “Joan Didion in Berkeley, August, 1972,” from “The Family Acid,” 1972, exhibited by Benrubi Gallery.

Courtesy of Paris Photo

Sibylle Bergemann, “Susi, Rathenow,” 1976, exhibited by Loock Galerie.

Courtesy of Paris Photo and Condé Nast Publications

Horst P. Horst, “Muriel Maxwell, Ensemble by Sally Victor, Bag by Paulo Flato, Sunglasses by Lugene, 1939,” 1939, exhibited by Bernheimer.

Courtesy of Paris Photo

André Kertész, “Distortion 165,” Paris, 1933, exhibited by ATLAS Gallery.

Courtesy of Paris Photo, Leon Levinstein, Howard Greenberg Gallery, and Galerie Julian Sander

Leon Levinstein, “NYC,” c. 1960, exhibited by Julian Sander.

Courtesy of Paris Photo, © The Cecil Beaton Studio Archive at Sotheby’s, Courtesy Eric Franck / Augusta Edwards

Cecil Beaton, “Audrey Hepburn,” 1963, exhibited by Eric Franck/Augusta Edwards.

Courtesy of Paris Photo, the artist, and Staley-Wise Gallery, New York

David LaChapelle, “Collapse in a Garden,” 1995, exhibited by Staley-Wise Gallery.

Courtesy of Paris Photo, Keïta/SKPEAC, Courtesy Collection Jean Pigozzi, Genève

Seydou Keïta, “Sans titre,” 1949-51, exhibited by Du Jour Agnès B.

Courtesy of Paris Photo

Tasneem Alsultan, “Saudi Tales of Love,” 2016, exhibited by East Wing.

Courtesy of Paris Photo © Denis Roche, courtesy galerie le Réverbère, Lyon

Denis Roche, “20 avril 1979, Paris, rue Henri Barbusse,” 1979, exhibited by Le Réverbère.

Courtesy of Paris Photo

Paul Fusco, “Untitled from RFK Train,” 1968, exhibited by Danziger.

Courtesy of Paris Photo

Dennis Hopper, “Andy Warhol, Los Angeles 1963,” 1963, exhibited by Galerie Johannes Faber.

Courtesy of Paris Photo

Lieko Shiga, “Still Unconcious,” 2010, exhibited by Christophe Guye Galerie.

Courtesy of Paris Photo

Danny Lyon, “The Line, Ferguson Unit, Texas,” from “Conversations with the Dead,” 1968, exhibited by Etherton Gallery.

Courtesy of Paris Photo

David Hockney, “My Parents, Bradford July 1975,” 1976, exhibited by Galerie 1900-2000, Paris.

Courtesy of Paris Photo

Alexander Rodchenko, “Kolona Dinamo,” 1935, exhibited by Galerie Thessa Herold.

Courtesy of Paris Photo, the artist, and Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh

Jonny Lyons, “Oxford, 2016” [detail], 2016, exhibited by Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh.

Courtesy of Paris Photo, © Philippe Dudouit/East Wing

Philippe Dudouit, “Al Gatrun, Southern Libya, 2015,” local Tebu resident from the series “The Dynamics of Dust – Southern Libya,” 2015, exhibited by East Wing.

Courtesy of Paris Photo, Emil Meerkämper, and ARTEF Galerie für Kunstfotografie

Emil Meerkämper, “Turn to turn – Parsenn region, Davos (Bogen am Bogen – Parsenngebiet bei Davos),” 1940s, exhibited by ARTEF.

Courtesy of Paris Photo

Michel Houellebecq, “Before Landing,” 2014, exhibited by Chloé et Denis Ozanne.