Three’s a Trend: Phone Art at Spring/Break

Daniele Buetti

At the Spring/Break Art Show, artists were fascinated by phones. Daniele Buetti showed humorous text messages, while Takashi Horisaki used latex to create what appears to be the first Nokia cell. Meanwhile, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos created fifteen plaster cast hands, frozen in texting positions. What’s telling is that that those gestures are familiar to viewers immediately. Also telling–the title of the piece, “Fifteen Pair of Mouths.” Call it the Apple effect.


Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, “fifteen pairs of mouths.” Presented by Ché Morales and Amanda Uribe. Photo by Katie Thompson.


Takashi Horisaki “LATEX#CELL #LATEX#FLOPPY.” Presented by Rachel Phillips. Photo by Katie Thompson.


Daniele Buetti, “I miss you.” Presented by Teriha Yaegashi, Juliette Premmereur, Ella Marder and Lara Pan.