8 Upstate New York Beauty Brands to Try This Fall

Hudson Made New York

With the leaves changing and the city getting chilly, there’s no better time to visit Upstate New York. But pack light—these upstate-based beauty brands have everything you need.


Captain Blankenship Don’t let its cutesy packaging deceive you—Jana Blankenship’s organic beauty brand is as potent as it is pretty. Though based in the Hudson Valley, even city dwellers can’t get enough of the brand’s cult favorite wares like the Mermaid Dry Shampoo and Aloe & Rose Toner.


Hudson Made New York Beard and Shave bar soaps, pre-shave oil, and embossed shave brushes make Hudson Made New York a mecca for the well-groomed man, but the Apothecary Rose Soap and Rosehip seed-infused face oil offer something for ladies as well.


Farmacy Beauty Mark Veeder and Robert Beyfuss bring scientific technology and farm-fresh ingredients to all things skincare—from coconut gel masks to gentle cleansing oils.


Bottega Organica Founded by Dr. Andrea Alimonti and Paolo Manfredi in 2013, Bottega Organica harvests ingredients from its farms in Chatham, New York, and Liguria, Italy, to create all-natural skin-, body-, and hair-care products.


Upstate Stock While Upstate Stock is home to many a Hudson Valley essential—fingerless gloves, classic leather belts, and cozy flannels, natch—the brand’s musky candles, colognes, and bath salts are perfect for the city as well.



Meow Meow Tweet This small-batch skincare company is known for its vegan lip balms, natural perfumes and deodorants, and plant-based insect repellent essential for Upstate.


Hudson Valley Skincare Developed by former pharmacist Glenn Arpino and cosmetics formulator Cathie Arpino, Hudson Valley Skincare combines 40 years of industry experience with all-natural ingredients harvested from neighboring businesses. The brand’s Organic Jojoba Oil and Grateful Hippy Patchouli Soap make for especially memorable souvenirs.


Field Apothecary & Harb Farm Tinctures, extracts, salves, and lip balms—this Germantown-based herb farm is a one-stop-shop for beauty from the inside out.