Venice Biennale 2013 Photos

W’s photographer on the scene turns her eye to Venice.


The power table at the Pinaults’ intimate party for 1,500 on Isola San Maggiore. Leonardo DiCaprio was not in the mood for photos, so I only took one, which resulted in a long and delightful chat with the actor’s scar-faced bodyguard. That’s Damien Hirst is on the far right next to Salma Hayek. There were about 100 mariachis at the party, who had apparently been instructed to play only “Bamboleo” and “Volare.” I now know why mariachis are supposed to come in packs of three. White fleece blankets with scalloped edges were provided for those who were not dressed for the unseasonably chilly evening. This made fashion snaps a challenge, and gave the party the look of a very exclusive refugee camp.


Rudolf Stingel’s great installation at the Palazzo Grassi, with my leg poking into the photo. Rudi carpeted the floors and walls of the entire building in a digitally printed oriental pattern. A thumbnail had been enlarged giving the effect of “bad” printing. He then hung his paintings on the carpeted walls. This was my favorite installation in this year’s Biennale.


The prosciutto e melone at the brand new Aman Canal Grande Venice. A rose made of pork. Exquisite and debauched — just like Venice. It was also one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.


A Massimiliano Gioni keyring, which was handed out at the Trussardi party. Massimiliano claimed that he had nothing to do with it…


Red dress, red bra at the Pinault party, Isola San Maggiore. Thank you for not succumbing to a white fleece!


Curator Dimitrios Antonitsis, artist Urs Fischer, and designer Tara Subkoff compare power jewelry. Dimitrios wins.


Milla Jovovich’s hand and Richard Phillips painting in the finale of Tara Subkoff’s performance piece “FUTURE/ PERFECT.” Over a six-hour period, Jovovich was gradually drowned in consumer items in a glass house in the rose garden of the Palazzo Malipiero.


Yvonne Force Villareal and Doreen Remen of Art Production Fund are engines at full thrust, as always.


Jennifer McSweeney’s A.CODOGNATO necklace hanging on cherub’s feet. A three-inch ruby coffin opens to reveal the skeleton.


Collector Dakis Joannou’s “front door.” As charged, of course.