Victoire de Castellane’s new collection

Ice meets vice in Victoire de Castellane’s crazy new collection of narcotics-inspired baubles.

Photographer: Guido Mocafico
Photographer: Guido Mocafico

“A couple, stripped of their inhibitions by Ecstasy’s potent effects, having wild sex in a public place while voyeurs, creeping in the shadows, look on.” — Victoire de Castellane

Photographer: Guido Mocafico

“The fantastically colorful flower has lost all sense of control and is spinning in a psychedelic haze around the agate stone base. It has willfully given in to the sensation of abandonment.”

Photographer: Guido Mocafico

“Small rocks burn in a butane gas flame, evaporating into smoke that wisps around the flower-stem necklace. It lounges on an iron eye, a stone whose natural properties appear to be going up in smoke.”