Yolanda Foster Made an Instagram Account for Her Fridge

Yolanda Foster Fridge

You can learn a lot about a person by looking inside their fridge. Especially if that person happens to be Yolanda Foster, mother to social supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid and owner of the fridge equivalent of Carrie Bradshaw’s dream closet. Given the family’s social media success, it’s only fair that the Foster has a separate account for her perfectly curated produce (that has its own thoughts and feelings). Here, a look inside.


The fridge is always fully stocked, ready for a #ShelfieSelfie.

Photo courtesy of @yolandasfridge.


Foster may or may not have invented the hashtag #ShelfieSelfie. We’ll give it to her either way.

Photo courtesy of @yolandasfridge.


Gigi Hadid gets her makeup done in front of the fridge, using well-lit bell peppers as contouring inspiration.

Photo courtesy of @yolandasfridge.


The fridge speaks for itself through Instagram captions. Here: “Can’t sleep. Missing Yolanda Foster filling me up. #MelancholyMonday” Sounds like it needs some chocolate.

Photo courtesy of @yolandasfridge.


David Simon Dayan and Ireland Baldwin demonstrate that the fridge is in fact cold.

Photo courtesy of @yolandasfridge.


Foster adorns her oranges with a Rosary necklace. The Fiji water is already purified.

Photo courtesy of @yolandasfridge.


The fridge is famous on television, too.

Photo courtesy of @yolandasfridge.


Good thing it always looks festive.

Photo courtesy of @yolandasfridge.


According to Foster, the fridge is #chillin but also a #photobomb in this family photo. Because fridges can photobomb too.

Photo courtesy of @yolandasfridge.


According to the fridge, Foster is the “coolest mom ever.” We agree.

Photo courtesy of @yolandasfridge.