Gucci Issues a Statement in Support of Women’s Reproductive Rights

Gucci supports women's right to choose
Courtesy of Gucci

Gucci is speaking out in support of women’s reproductive rights—as the future of abortion law becomes uncertain in the United States. In light of the Supreme Court document that was leaked earlier this month, threatening the abolition of Roe v. Wade—and therefore, a woman’s right to seek an abortion—the Italian fashion house is taking action with the help of its nonprofit.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Italian brand announced it “remains steadfast in its belief that access to reproductive health care is a fundamental human right.” It is for that reason “the company will now provide travel reimbursement to any U.S. employee who needs access to health care not available in their home state.” In addition, through their charitable organization, Chime for Change, “Gucci will also continue to support partner organizations that enable access to reproductive health and protect human rights, especially for the most vulnerable.”

Gucci launched Chime for Change with the help of Salma Hayek and Beyoncé in 2013, with the aim to “inspire participation in a collective community, bringing people together across borders, and generations to unite in the fight for gender equality.” In less than a decade, the organization has raised over $19 million to support various gender equity projects in 89 countries, working with 182 nonprofits and grassroots organizations to help more than 630,000 women and girls across the globe.

With their announcement, Gucci joins a growing list of brands that have spoken out as the future of women’s reproductive rights in the United States has come under fire. Last week, Levi Strauss & Co. issued a similar statement, saying, “Given what is at stake, business leaders need to make their voices heard and act to protect the health and well-being of our employees.” Like Gucci, Levi’s employees are “eligible for reimbursement for healthcare-related travel expenses for services not available in their home state, including those related to reproductive health care and abortion.” Similarly, other brands have made statements and taken action in the past week. Razor brand Billie, Mother Denim, Mejuri, and many others have donated to various organizations since the leak. The popular skincare brand Dieux wrote recently that it’s evaluating “the best ways we as a company can create a positive impact” in light of the potential ruling. It’s likely that more companies will continue to follow suit in the weeks to come.