[#image: /photos/5853871a9c190ec57ac08842]||||||Today for lunch, I convinced a friend to stroll with me up to Rockefeller Center, where we checked out the new installation by Chris Burden: a 65-foot skyscraper made of approximately one million stainless steel pieces modeled after Erector set parts. Having read Kevin West's profile on Burden in the May issue, I had been curious to see the project, which had been somewhat hard for me to envision. While the six-story replica of 30 Rockefeller Center is dwarfed by the real 30 Rock, which stands adjacent, it's way more of a sight to behold, the sun glaring off those million miniature steel bolts and beams.

[#image: /photos/5853871a57dfc3b0230f7fd2]||||||I asked a security guard--he gave his name as Mr. Johnson--watching over the base of the sculpture, what he thought of the piece, standing next to it all day. At first, he just shrugged at the giant toy model. But then, he squinted up at it and said, "You know, it is a really amazing idea, having a million small pieces and putting them together to make this." We agree.

The exhibition is in place until July 19th.

Installation photo by Alexandra Marvar; Portrait by Malerie Marder for W