[#image: /photos/5853862e9c190ec57ac087fe]||||||Women's Health magazine hosted a "Down to Earth" fête at Eyebeam on Tuesday with the official mission of raising "eco-awareness"—evidently via partying. And the evening did have, in fact, a fairly down-to-earth feel: the scene on the green carpet ("green," not red, get it?) was relatively orderly as hosts Chloe Sevigny and model Jessica Stam showed up unfashionably right on time. The space was decked out with cutesy touches like wooden picnic tables, mini ice-cream cones and lemongrass cocktails served in orange halves.

Sevigny, whose latest project is the low-budget horror flick The Killing Room, was channeling a nerd-glam look in oversized glasses and a Proenza Schouler frock. She told me that the only thing actually frightening about shooting the film was the food on location in Shreveport, Louisiana. "We were working with this hairdresser and he was like 'I ordered crudites and I got fried vegetables!' she joked.

I also spotted socialite Byrdie Bell, who was sitting atop one of the picnic tables surrounded by a bevy of friends. Bell was sporting a cotton candy-colored jacket that looked suspiciously like fur—a bit of a faux pas at a green soiree—so I approached her to investigate. "This is from a costume shop in Connecticut," she said hastily, claiming her fur was definitely faux.