Alex Libby

Abercrombie & Fitch Spring 2016. Photo courtesy the brand.

Abercrombie & Fitch is back, and with a fresh new face. In the past few months, the label best known for logo-clad muscle tees and little lacy tank tops has undergone a complete re-brand, hiring Kristina Szasz, a Karl Lagerfeld alum, as the new women's wear designer and Aaron Levine from Club Monaco to lead the men's division. "We are focused on elevating the brand and pushing it forward," said Levine. "For me, it's all about the product; the fabric, fit, finish and attention to detail in everything we work on." A&F became known too for its annual catalog, A Bruce Weber-lensed launching pad for the likes ofJamie Dornan, Penn Badgley, Taylor Kitsch, Channing Tatum, and Scott Eastwood. Its predilection for hunky types has not gone away with its re-invention and its latest face is 23-year-oldAlex Libby."Alex has a wonderful spirit and a heart of gold that comes across in every picture he takes," said Levine of casting the English surfer and adventurer, who had little modeling experience but a solid social media following, thanks to many shirtless selfies and videos of him jumping out of planes. His rough-around-the-edges surfer vibes are a throwback to the Abercrombie we all knew and loved, but he also knows what high-quality board shorts and sunglasses look like. When it comes to grooming his man bun, however, he prefers the ocean to any product.


Torbay, England.

Your look in three words:
Not too shabby.

Daily uniform:
Board shorts.

Favorite hair products:
The ocean.

Sunscreen of choice:

Facial hair kit:
Let it go wild!

Exercise regime:
In-between surfing everyday and just generally running around like a mad man, I like to try and do 100 push-ups and 50 chin-ups wherever I am.

Any sports scars or crazy injuries?
I have some scars on my back from a few reefs around the world. Little trophies.

Best places to surf on earth:
It's a secret.

Preferred swimwear:
Anything stretchy.

Favorite sunglasses:
Small brand from Australia called Pacifico Optical.

Go-to skate spot:
Venice Bowl.

What you wear when you skate:
Stretchy skinny jeans.

Snack of choice:

Drink of choice:

Always in your suitcase:

Cologne of choice:
My natural scent.

Best advice from the pros:
Life's too short to worry about anything, so don't worry about stuff and it will eventually blow over.

Did you wear any Abercrombie growing up?
Yer back in the day I was jammin' my A+F jumper for sure.

Next adventure:
Indonesia again.

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