(Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

It seems Adam Selman can find inspiration almost anywhere. Weird news headlines, Japanese airbrush art and Amy Sedaris’s crafts have all found their way onto the designer’s mood board in past seasons.

This season he even managed to get a creative kick out of the idea of his clothing getting ripped off by mall stores.

A print featuring pops of women's silhouettes doing the sort of x-rated popping that might be referred to in Khia lyrics formed a repeating motif in the show. The silhouettes stemmed from the box cover of a 1940s porno film the designer had found.

“I’ve had issues with people knocking me off, so I wanted to make something that the high street wouldn’t take,” said Selman. “You have to think about these things.”

When you're one of the favored designers on the speed dial of a style icon like Rihanna you're bound to get ripped off from time to time. Not that Selman minds.


“It’s the highest form of flattery really. I just wanted to do something that played with that.”

The prints were featured on clothing inspired by pajamas, which fit into the show’s theme of taking a woman from dusk to dawn. That meant clothes appropriate for the disco, the disco nap, and, more than occasionally, both.

“Since my very first season I’ve always been obsessed with pajamas, and that idea of dressing day for night, “ said Selman. “Just making pajamas cool so you can wear them because they’re so comfortable.”

Comfort was also a running theme. Models wore white Converse Chuck IIs, along with sunglasses from Adam Selman’s ongoing collaboration with Le Specs and jewelry from a new partnership with Chrishabana.

Alexa Chung, Leona Lewis, “NBA Superfan” James Goldstein, and Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter, dotted the front row. As did Selman’s close friend and occasional source of inspiration Sedaris, who told us she’s taken a break from her crafts that's inspired Selman before. Though, sticking to slumber parties and porno box inspo this season seemed to work out just fine.