Adele Showed Off Her Mastery of Beyoncé’s Choreography at a NYC Club

She's been having a great time in New York.

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While her fans eagerly await her next album, Adele is perfectly content to spend her time enjoying the music of her own favorite artist: Beyoncé. On Tuesday, just a few days after she joined Jennifer Lawrence for a raucous night of drinking games at New York City gay bar Pieces, Adele was spotted having the time of her life at yet another NYC hotspot, the Boom Boom Room nightclub atop the Standard High Line hotel.

In videos captured during Adele’s night out, she can be seen dancing along to Beyoncé’s 2009 song “Sweet Dreams,” and doing her best imitation of the music video’s choreography. According to onlookers, she recruited strangers from all over the club to join her. “She came up to the table we were sitting at and asked us why we were sitting down and told us to stand up and dance! And dance we did. She asked me if I knew the choreography to Beyoncé’s ‘Sweet Dream’ video, Um, yes Adele, of course I do,” one person (who, incidentally, was celebrating her birthday at the club) wrote in an Instagram post about the interaction.

Another lucky bystander—also celebrating his birthday—was able to snap a photo alongside Adele. “Highlight: @adele turned my Birthday party up! Great soul! Much respect. Even got the DJ to play some Lionel Richie,” he wrote, adding that Adele had done so because he reminded her of Richie.

And now we know what it’s like to be on hiatus after putting out three Grammy-winning albums in under a decade: It’s a lot of playing drinking games with high-profile celebrity friends and crashing strangers’ birthday parties to show off your undying love for Beyoncé. (Never forget the time Adele all but refused to accept her Album of the Year award after beating out Bey’s Lemonade.)

But that hiatus may not last much longer. Mere hours after Adele’s visit to the Boom Boom Room, on Wednesday, she was photographed entering a recording studio in Manhattan, attempting to go under the radar in an all-black, hooded ensemble. It’s high time for her to put out a new album—19, 21, and 25 were released three years apart from one another, with 25 arriving in late 2015, so fans are anxious to hear 28, 29, or whatever other age the now-30-year-old will next choose to commemorate.

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