Albertine Pic 5

Anémone and Caroline Anthon on Biarritz. Photo courtesy of the designers.

What is your favorite beach?
The Plage de la Côte des Basques in Biarritz! This beach is just amazing. When you are upstairs you’ve got the best view ever and when you are on the beach you’ve got this incredible feeling of freedom and infinity. It’s best in low season, when there are no tourists, of course. The Carlina Lodge, a retro building by the water, is something that most people don’t like, but for me it goes perfectly with the landscape. I don’t know why, but I love it!
How does this place inspire your work?
Every time I walk by the beach, looking at the amazing view, I get inspired. When I am on the beach, I love to watch people hanging around, going swimming, surfing and playing with the kids. I try to catch all the details, and incorporate them into our swimsuits!

What is always in your beach bag?
Lots of swimsuits! I need to always have more than one in my bag! And also many pouch bags, one for my sun beauty products, one for my wallet and phone, one for my kids’ stuff.

What’s your insider travel secret?
Be aware of the mare [tide] schedule, so that you’re not stuck on the rocks! And after your sunny beach day, take the stairs to Les 100 Marches, on the top of the Cote des Basques, to look at the fantastic view while drinking a glass of French rosé!