In January, actress Angelina Jolie announced a new partnership with French perfumer Guerlain, and now we have a first look at what that means.

The 188-year-old beauty company just debuted a sensual new commercial called "Notes of a Woman," the same descriptor Guerlain gave for Mon Guerlain, the scent Jolie is repping. The short video has a naturalistic aesthetic—lots of light, shots of plant life, white curtains—and promises to tell "the story of the fragrance creation that embodies modern femininity." In the ad, Jolie is depicted going about her preparations for the day, doing her hair and makeup and practicing lines from a script before changing into formal wear. There are also plenty of otherwise action-less dramatic stares, because this is a perfume ad, after all.

Jolie's dreamy work in the Guerlain commercial marks her her first beauty campaign since her 2007 work for Shiseido. Jolie previously revealed that she was driven to partner with the company because of her late mother's love for Guerlain's face powder. (All of her earnings from the partnership will be donated to charity.) A tribute to Marcheline Bertrand, the campaign also doubles as a significant step in Jolie's shift back toward the Hollywood limelight. In the wake of her messy split with Brad Pitt last year, Jolie has been working at reclaiming the more high-profile career she had distanced herself from in recent years. She recently got involved with the development of at least two major studio movies, with intentions to act in both. Jolie is also planning her future directorial work and mulling the possibility of a Maleficent 2. However hectic things get for Jolie in months to come, she'll always have Guerlain's vision of a relaxing day in the French countryside.

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