Le Smoking Loves Anja Rubik

For the Vogue Foundation gala benefitting the Palais Galliera, Anja Rubik wins best tuxedo.

Anja Rubik in Saint Laurent at the Vogue Foundation Gala in Paris, France, July 2016. Photo by Getty Images.


Who: Anja Rubik.

When: Tuesday, July 5.

Where: The Vogue Paris Foundation gala at the Palais Galliera.

What: A Saint Laurent tux with a tasseled YSL clutch and black pumps.

Why: The competition for best women’s tux is a crowded field, but Anja Rubik takes the prize. The cropped, ankle-length pants and oversized tuxedo jacket modernize a classic, elegant look. Shirtless is the way to really do a tux.