On the Coast

Prism designer Anna Laub shares her summer inspiration.

Anna Laub

What is your favorite summertime destination? I actually love coastlines more than beaches—the cliff side in Negril and the Amalfi Coast are my favorites. There is something super romantic and picturesque about them. And don’t even get me started on the crystal blue water! I had an amazing time when I went to Negril recently. It was just so serene, with all the swimming, eating, and sleeping.

How do these places inspire your work? The vivid colors and the graphic shapes of the cliffs inspire me. And, when I’m there, I try out all my designs. It really helps to wear them and test to see what you feel you need or want when you are in those situations.

What do you always bring with you? I love our new flatform sandals, and generally wear them with a PRISM shirtdress. Also, I love Sicily beauty products and suncream, as well as the Art Production Fund towels (the ones by Cecily Brown and Ryan McGinley were my favorites). I always have a bunch of different sunglasses, too, that I mix and match with different bikinis! (Currently, I love our new Calvi shape in 3D leopard!). All of this gets thrown into PRISM beach pouch, which goes inside my Mustique beach bag.

What is your travel secret? It’s best to go to these places off-season—especially the Amalfi Coast. Early summer is better than high summer when it’s too packed. And then you can go over to Capri, too, which is just a short boat ride away.

Photos: On the Coast

Anna Laub. Courtesy of the designer.

Prism Lanikai bikini top and Hollywood bottom, available on

Prism Mustique Beach Bag, available on

Anna Laub. Courtesy of the designer.

Prism Positano bikini top and Uluwatu bottom, available on

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