She's baaack. After a prolonged absence from the red carpet, Anne Hathaway made her triumphant return on Tuesday night for the New York premiere of her new film, Colossal--and boy, did she ever make up for lost time. In the movie, the actress plays Gloria, a party-girl who finds herself moving back home after losing her big New York job and boyfriend, thanks to the aforementioned partying. There, she runs into an old school friend, played by Jason Sudeikis, who owns a local bar, and hijinks ensue. Though, it's not your typical girl-meets-boy type of story; rather, Gloria discovers she controls a city-crushing monster that is terrorizing Seoul, Korea. Yeah, not exactly a rom-com.

For the big premiere, Hathaway clearly took inspiration from her character in her wardrobe choices--though not Gloria, who spends most of the movie in jeans and a rumpled button down. No, this sartorial inspiration came courtesy of the monster. Sourced from Armani's archive--specifically the Spring 2006 Giorgio Armani Privé collection--the sculptural gown took on a larger-than-life presence on the red carpet, not unlike the film's monster.

"Colossal" New York Premiere
Anne Hathaway attends the premiere of Colossal at AMC Lincoln Square Theater in New York City.

Taylor Hill

Who: Anne Hathaway.

When: Tuesday, March 28.

Where: The New York premiere of Neon's Colossal, presented by FIJI Water.

What: An embroidered silk cady gown from the Spring 2006 Giorgio Armani Privé collection.

Why: This look is a refreshing reminder of why Hathaway is a fashion favorite. While many other actresses would play it safe for a relatively low-key premiere of a non-blockbuster film, she pulled out all the stops in this over-the-top, super high-fashion gown--you've got to give her props for that. It's also worth noting that Hathaway is following in Emma Watson's footsteps, wearing only sustainable or archival and vintage looks for the film's promo tour, as Watson did for her recent Beauty and the Beast duties. Hours before the premiere, Hathaway attended the film's press junket in a vintage dress that cost $20. How's that for high-low?