Ariana Grande Orders Baked Alaska With The Girls In “34+35” Video

Doja Cat, Ariana Grande and Megan thee Stallion.
Courtesy of Ariana Grande’s Instagram.

It seems so quaint that, just last year, pearls were clutched when Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion released their ode to arousal “WAP.” Now, Megan has teamed up with Doja Cat to remix Ariana Grande’s risqué song “34+35,” and the video is quite a treat for Valentine’s Day.

Grande, Meg, and Doja are posted up in a hotel room, where they down champagne in very cute lingerie, dance in a marble tub, and order snacks from room service. It’s a 90s-glam menagerie of taupe window treatments and brown lipstick, giving us slow jam vibes. In a moment that is making the rounds, Grande hits the intercom button to inquire about ordering a Baked Alaska — a dessert so elaborate, it once tripped up some of Britain’s finest bakers.

The song itself is, as we all should have figured out by now, an anthem for anyone who likes sex. Grande wants to “stay up all night/Fuck me till the daylight,” which Megan, in masterful wordsmithery, touts her bedtime skills in making her man point his toes like a ballerina.

In case you’re wondering, 34 + 35 = 69. And a Baked Alaska is a cake topped with ice cream and covered in a meringue shell. Sometimes it is topped with liqueur and flambéed tableside, which Grande referred to, asking the concierge for the dessert that “the flaming one, the one that goes on fire.” Unfortunately, the hotel kitchen had 86’d their Baked Alaskas for the night.