Artist George Condo Urges You to Vote For “FREE TIME”

An open letter from the artist who riffs on the campaign poster he created in W‘s Art Issue.

November Political Poster
All Saints All Souls Election Day…CAMPAIGN FOR FREE TIME

campaign for free time…what’s it all about..? it’s about time to think and to listen to your own voice and not be judged and not to judge. it’s about freedom…to take time off from this busy world…make choices and to respect our world before it comes to a crashing brain-busting un artistic place that even climate change and aliens bad t.v. commercials fake faces and stolen smiles just don’t let you be your beautiful self anymore who you were before things all went wrong…where you win when you have free time…no one needs some mad man running the world right now nobody wants to be treated less equally than the other and that “other “could simply be ourselves…it doesn’t even have to be a person to be a self it’s free time to listen to the music you love paint the world a better place let children be happy no time for being enslaved by consumer glorification just time…that’s what we all need is time so hope i get your vote for FREE TIME