Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson.

Photographer: Pari Dukovic
Stylist: Patrick Mackie

It makes sense that one of the most-tweeted-about TV shows—ABC Family’s prime-time teen soap Pretty Little Liars—also attracts some of the network’s youngest viewers. “Our fans who started watching from the beginning, five years ago, are all now going into college,” says Ashley Benson, who stars as one of a clique of four high school girls whose outlandish behavior seems tailor-made for the social media era. But the Liars are growing up. In the second half of the next season, the show will jump ahead in time to reconnect with the girls four years later. “It’ll be fun for older fans to see us going through things they’re going through now,” says the 25-year-old Benson. “Plus, we get to play more of our own age. I can’t wait to be out of high school!”

Hair by Tamara McNaughton at Management & Artists; makeup by Ozzy Salvatierra for Cle de Peau Beaute at streeters; photography assistants: Amy Moore, Matt Hartz, Braden Moran; fashion assistant: Jennifer Austin; set design by Juliet Jernigan. Special thanks to Chateau Marmont and Nouchon, Beverly Hills.