Barbra Streisand Dedicates “Send in The Clowns” to Trump

With an alternate version of “Send in The Clowns.”

Barbra Streisand In Concert - New York, NY
Kevin Kane

Donald Trump has his fair share of celebrity critics, but perhaps none more vocal than Barbra Streisand. So you can probably imagine what happened when Streisand performed to a sold out crowd at New York City’s Madison Square Garden over the weekend, in the wake of back-to-back mass shootings that left the country reeling.

As one might expect, the audience was heavy on Democrats, who were treated to a tweaked version “Send in The Clowns,” Rolling Stone reports. Before launching into the anti-Trump screed, Streisand asked the Republicans in the room to “cover your ears for a couple of minutes.”

“He says he’s rich/ Maybe he’s not,” she sang in the melody of the 1973 song. “Until he releases his returns, who can be sure?/ Who is this clown?”

Streisand didn’t stop there. “Something’s amiss/ I don’t approve/ Now that’s he’s running the free world where can we move?” she added. “Maybe a town/ Just who is this clown?”

From there, Streisand really dug in, as a giant image of Trump in clown makeup appeared on a screen behind her. “It would take all night to recite 11,000 lies,” said. “He’s a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Among those in attendance were U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler, Reverend Al Sharpton, and Hillary and Bill Clinton.

“Several of my political pals are here this evening,” Streisand said before turning to praise Hillary personally. “A great president needs the compassion that would never let children by separated from their parents. A great president tries to inspire us and in times of distress make our nation heal.” Needless to say, Streisand is still mournful about what could have been, had Clinton defeated Trump in 2016.

“In addition to being a magnificent first lady and secretary of state, you gave our allies confidence and our foes unambiguous clarity,” she said. “Needless to say, three years ago, I was greatly hoping to sing at your inauguration.”


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