Matte polish is a big trend in the world of nails. But instead of looking cool and edgy, it often reads, "My manicure is over a week old."

[#image: /photos/58539e7b57dfc3b0230f87bd]||||||Butter London's Matte Finish top coat takes most of the shine out of any nail color, but leaves just a hint of gloss, so your manicure isn't just dull, dull, dull. Our favorite combination is copied entirely from the nails Butter London's Nonie Creme did at Alexander Wang's fall 2010 show: Two coats of the brand's perfect taupe, Yummy Mummy, followed by one coat of Matte Finish. Creme calls the combo "seasonless" and says the suede-like finish looks "expensive but not blingy." Sold.


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