Beauty Professionals: Kim Elliott

Kim Elliott, Hair


Clients appreciate how this Sally Hershberger alum really listens before working her magic. Still, Elliott is not one to hold back when it’s her turn to talk. Says one satisfied customer: “Her honest appraisals may jolt you out of your comfort zone, but she never turns you into a fashion victim, and then you love her for your new look.” The beauty-industry version of a one-man band—she cuts, colors and does makeup—Elliott is known for doing big-event hair and makeup that is strong enough to carry off a wedding dress or ballgown without being over-the-top. It’s no surprise, then, that her VIP clients will fly her across the country for important soirées. When it comes to cuts, however, Elliott’s focus extends well beyond a single evening. “I want a cut to evolve into something stunning as it grows,” says the 41-year-old, who studied art and worked as a wardrobe stylist before entering the beauty field. “Everyone says, ‘I can go for months after you cut my hair! It’s great!’ Then I think, Is that good for me?”

Yuki Sharoni Salon, Los Angeles, 310.282.5440

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