[#image: /photos/5853880b57dfc3b0230f8028]||||||Marissa Ribisi and Sophia Coloma, the duo behind LA fashion label Whitley Kros, recently relaunched their website (, adding quirky features like a scrapbook of travel photos taken by the designers' fictional muse. But the best part of the site, hands down, is its music, a seamlessly edited mix of French pop, Spoon, Brian Eno and Stereolab.

[#image: /photos/5853880c57dfc3b0230f802a]||||||The man who put it all together, as we recently learned, was none other than Ribisi's husband, Beck. "He was so sweet, he came up with three different versions for me to choose from just because he got so into it," Ribisi told us, adding that the musician spent three full days in the studio working on it.

As Beck fans know, this isn't the rocker's first foray into the fashion world. (Hedi Slimane tapped the musician to mix tracks for his Spring/Summer 2005 Dior Homme show.) But now, Beck, whom Ribisi describes as "just as obsessed with fashion as I am," may have seriously caught the design bug. According to the designer, he's hoping to help out on a future Whitley Kros menswear collection. Stay tuned.

Photos: Top, Andy Brooke. Bottom, WireImage.