Designer Bernhard Willhelm Can't Wait to Be Nude This Summer

Bernhard Willhelm

Bernhard Willhelm at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2016 opening. Photo via Getty Images.

Designer Bernhard Willhelm has spent most of the last 15 years running his out-there clothing label in Paris, but he recently made the move to Southern California – a transition he's documented thoroughly in his first e-book, Dynasty, part of a new artist series from Paul Chan's publishing outfit, Badlands Unlimited. Having conquered publishing, Willhelm's now moving on to planning his summer outfits – among them, a Rick Owens toga and silicone nipple stretchers. Read on for his culture diet, here.

First thing you read in the morning: I don’t read in the morning. I fancy a blow job. And a black coffee.

Books on your bedside table right now: Kuntalini by Tamara Faith Berger, Diary of an Innocent by Tony Duvert, and Shamanic Voices: A Survey of Visionary Narratives by Joan Halifax.

The TV show that's been keeping you up at night: I don’t watch TV.

Last movie you saw in theaters: The Delta Force.

Last piece of art you bought, or ogled: A painting by Tori Wrånes, a drawing by Stefan Dyed Yesterday, a painters' blanket by Dondrell Lee, and a Chimú vase from 1500 after Christ at the Drouot auction.

Last thing you saw at the theater: The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart at the Walt Disney Hall in L.A.

Last museum exhibition that you loved: Thomas Hirschhorn at the Palais de Tokyo, Isa Genzken at the Vienna Kunsthalle, Carsten Fock at the Neues Museum Nürnberg, and Bernhard Willhelm at the MOCA Pacific Design Center.

Paperbacks or e-books: All fine as long as its improvised. I like quick shots and spontaneity.

What you're most excited to wear this summer: Rubber by RoB Amsterdam and RubAddiction Berlin, a Rick Owens eucalyptus t-shirt shredded toga, a Bernhard Willhelm turquoise stonewashed banana dress with hat, silicone nipple stretchers, and Manic Panic hair colors (tested on stars not animals). And be nude in nature.

Release you're most eagerly anticipating right now: Dynasty, my e-book published by Badlands Unlimited.

Last song you had on repeat: Silence/birdsongs/nature.

Last concert you saw live: My sister playing cello in the church on Christmas day. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.

How you get your news right now: The New York Times.

Favorite account to follow: Angie’s Orchids Instagram.

Last thing you do before you go to bed: There are no rules applied, freedom of choices.