Anderson, Wes
Announced a new film starring everyone from Tilda Swinton to Yoko Ono to Bill Murray to Scarlett Johansson—and maybe even you.

Officially on her way to conquering the Melbourne skyline in the form of a 79-story, literal Beyhive.

Conway, Kellyanne
Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, who’s suggested mothers don’t have a place in the White House, is officially a mother headed for the White House.

Efron, Zac
Now the new face of Hugo Man, marking his first-ever major fashion campaign.

Gomez, Selena
If her new $10 million Coach contract weren't enough indication, everyone wants a piece of Selena Gomez. Not that she's even paying attention to us.

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Groeneveld, Charlotte
The Dutch It girl behind the Fashion Guitar is balancing a new apartment, two toddlers, and plans for the holidays. But really, she just wants to curl up in her Champion hoodie.

Nef, Hari
Proving herself a true multihyphenate with both a new film, Assassination Nation, alongside Suki Waterhouse, and a Model of the Year nomination from

Wrapped up 2016 just fine without Kristen Stewart, thanks.

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