Bip Ling

Bip Ling

Blogger, DJ, and artist Bip Ling is obsessed with emojis—they cover everything from her clothes to her Instagram posts—so it’s no surprise that she has an impressive social media following. Many of her posts feature a cute carton named Mooch and her catchphrase, “YAR”—both of which help Ling to stand out from the London It girl crowd. Here, the provocateur explains her digital presence, talks about her most popular posts, and more.

Princess popstar bipstar.

Define your Instagram style in three hashtags:

mooching #bipping #bipBurger

What are your favorite emojis?

[#image: /photos/5852bdb0e3d613c03e1e862e]||||||

When did you create your colorful characters?
My guy is called Mooch, I first designed him about 6 years ago. He is my best friend. We sometimes argue, but have had so many great times together. The word YAR, is something I’ve always said in my lingo, it’s stuck with me in my music and writing on my blog! All my friends say it too, it’s so fun. YAR!

Maximum number of daily posts:
Hhmmm, sometimes 3, sometimes 6... sometimes none because I’m working out what is next. At the moment I’ve been teasing my fans with my song “Bip Burger,” which I’m going to release very soon!

What is your favorite thing to post?
Videos of me and Mooch mooching, wearing chic clothes, and eating bipping Bip Burgers.

How many selfies do you take before posting?
Sometimes about 100 lol.

What’s your secret for taking a winning selfie?

The one thing you would never post:
Stuff that’s not bipping yar know.

#Nofilter or filter?


Favorite editing app:
Line Camera.

Most geo-tagged location:
My home in London.

Greatest hits:
A pic of my Fendi shoes and Mooch, a pic of my Bip Burger (oops no I meant butt) wearing an emoji-print bikini, and a pic of me in an Agent Provocateur beige set.