The Big Reveal

Byredo’s Ben Gorham debuts his anticipated SoHo boutique.

Byredo Soho

Ben Gorham, of Byredo parfums and, more recently, of Byredo leather goods, is opening his first boutique tomorrow. Located in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, the 1400 square-foot space is lined and floored with custom terrazzo marble-embedded concrete and decorated with a mix of antique Swedish woodwork pieces and modern sofas and chairs upholstered in Brazilian pony hair that Gorham designed with his architect, Christian Halleröd. To mark the occasion, he combined his passions by creating a fragrance that smells like leather. “We’re still deciding on its name, and I don’t have any samples yet,” he shrugs. “But just open a purse and inhale. That’s what it smells like.”

Byredo Soho, 62 Wooster Street.

Photos: The Big Reveal

Byredo Soho. Photo courtesy of the brand.

Byredo Soho. Photo courtesy of the author.

Byredo Soho. Photo courtesy of the author.