Nice and Easy

Diletta Bonaiuti, in a Caftanii dress. Courtesy of Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images.

When Ludovica and Ginevra Fagioli, ­Florentine twins with a passion for fabrics, founded ­Caftanii two summers ago, their ambitions were modest. “We wanted to do something that expressed our mood and easy way of living,” Ludovica says of their effortlessly elegant designs, hand-sewn by Italian artisans. So if it weren’t for the stylist Diletta Bonaiuti, who caused a sensation among the street-style photographers when she stepped out in an ivory Caftanii robe dress during Milan Fashion Week, the 29-year-old sisters would likely still be operating under the radar. Not that the attention has affected them: Despite an uptick in orders for their spring ­collection—an exploration of childhood, with linen ­tunics and high-waisted shorts—production remains limited. “For us, quality is so important,” Ludovica insists. “We want to do things that are absolutely beautiful.”