No royal seems to have as much fun as Camilla Parker Bowles, so it’s no surprise that the 72-year-old is managing to keep her spirits up amidst the current pandemic. And that’s quite an accomplishment: Up until just two weeks ago, Camilla was set to be an international tour with her husband, Prince Charles—an activity at which they particularly excel. Instead, Camilla is currently holed up in the Scottish highlands, coping with the fact that Charles has the coronavirus

Camilla tested negative, and has been careful to keep her distance from Charles while they both take refuge in Birkhall, their Balmoral estate. And yet, amidst isolation, Camilla is staying social. In some corner of Birkhall—hopefully far away from Charles—the Duchess of Cornwall discovered the wonders of video chat.

Like seemingly everyone in your contacts, Camilla primarily uses Houseparty, a group video chat app that’s soared in popularity as the world endeavors to social distance. “It’s amazing,” Camilla apparently told a friend. “I just press a button and all my family pop up!” 

The Duchess downloaded the app after a suggestion that it would help her stay in touch with her two children, Laura and Tom, though she now most regularly keeps in touch with her sister Annabel Elliot, a 71-year-old interior designer. When she’s not chatting Camilla has been drawing attention to the increased threat of domestic violence amidst the pandemic, as well as working with hotlines like the Silverline, which is a health service for the elderly. 

Meanwhile, Charles has apparently been sticking to phone calls and ordinary video conferences. But, like Camilla, he’s also been sharpening his skills at Instagram Stories. On Thursday, the official Clarence House Instagram account posted a split-screen video of the pair participating in the #ClapForOurCarers initiative, in praise of healthcare workers. From the look of things, Charles is surprisingly technologically adept; whereas someone filmed Camilla outside of her window, Charles seem to have set up his all by himself. 

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