Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali, 2015. Photo by Getty Images.

Ali, Muhammad
American boxing legend who died late Friday at 74. New Yorker editor David Remnick, who profiled the boxer in 1998 (and wrote a lengthy biography of the man that same year), offers up his remembrances.

Ball, Governor's
Though the last day of the Randall's Island music festival was cancelled due to sudden monsoon (by New Yorker standards), the first two days offered their share of street style eye candy, showing off how east coasters do festival fashion. Coachella, take note.

Hightower, Royalty
Eleven-year-old breakout Sundance actress with a name that practically demands she become a movie star.

Kamali, Norma
On Monday night, designer Norma Kamali will win the lifetime achievement award at the annual CFDA Fashion Awards — and even after a lifetime of design revelations (and of Physique 57), she's still running circles around those millennials.

McHale, Joel
The somewhat-unexpected host of those same CFDA awards with a penchant for a Gucci suit.

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Schouler, Proenza
Upgrading, iPhone-style, from the PS1 to the PS1+. It's no rose gold iPhone 6, but designers Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez are hoping it will revitalize their accessories line.

West, Kanye
Caused a bit of chaos in lower Manhattan when he announced a 2 a.m. performance at Webster Hall to make up for his cancelled Governor's Ball performance. The show never happened, but thousands of hopefuls flooded the streets anyways.