Let’s Hear It for the Boys

The CFDA and Amazon kick off New York Fashion Week: Men’s.

Dao-Yi Chow, Maxwell Osborne, and Andre Iguodala

Beyond the gloss of any fashion week is one ultimate message: we are here to sell clothes. That’s why it makes so much sense that the CFDA partnered with Amazon as a key underwriter for the inaugural New York Fashion Week: Men’s. At a kickoff party in Amazon Fashion’s Imaging Studio in Williamsburg last night, CFDA ceo Steven Kolb explained the reasoning behind the partnership: “It’s our mission at CFDA to support designers and help them in their businesses in the global economy. Amazon has put so much into Men’s Week beyond just funding, incredible photos, marketing and advertising. They have so much knowledge of e-commerce and distribution channels. For us it was about finding a partner who shared our vision.”

Judging by the crew of boldfacers at the party—Darren Criss, Joe Jonas, Victor Cruz and blogger Tyler Oakley among them—Men’s Week is off to a solid start. “We’ve been working on this for two years, and it’s strange to see it finally explode,” said Kolb. “I mean, #NYFWM was trending today!”

But will Men’s Week be able to drum up more than just press mentions, Instagram followers and unique impressions? Even after just one day, designer Todd Snyder was feeling its impact: “All the European buyers know about it now and decided to come take a look,” he said.

Snyder wasn’t the only designer celebrating. Established menswear names like Michael Bastian, Phillip Lim, and Calvin Klein Collection’s Italo Zuchelli were also in attendance, in addition to emerging designers like Scot Shandalove and Jake Zeitlin of Matiere. “Menswear doesn’t always get to be as flamboyant as women’s, but there are nuances,” said Snyder. “And those nuances need space and time to grow.”

Photos: Let’s Hear It for the Boys

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Dao-Yi Chow, Maxwell Osborne, and Andre Iguodala. Photo by

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