CL Wears Fur in Summer, Loves Taking Baths

On Pedder X CL Chaelin Lee

Film still by Junu Ahn and Laurent Segretier.

Actress, model, and international pop star Chaelin Lee (better known as CL) has garnered a huge social media following due to her up-close selfies and always on-point, eclectic outfits. So, when luxury Asian accessories boutique On Pedder teamed up with Parisian label Kenzo to create a short fashion film featuring their capsule collaboration, the 22 year-old was the perfect star.

Below, watch the full video and find out CL’s favorite things.

Define your style in three words:
Lifestyle. Mood. Attitude.

Daily uniform:
It depends on my mood. I see how I feel when I wake up each morning.

Greatest hits:
My Chrome Hearts x Hermes black leather jacket and white heels from Celine and Alexander Wang.

Finishing touches:
Sunglasses, earrings and huge rings.

Best recent discovery:
Taking a bubble bath with rubber duckies. Writing music.

Favorite places to shop:
Vintage t-shirt stores.

Style pet peeve:
To me, there is no such thing as a style pet peeve. Everyone should be free to express themselves.

Style icons:

Last purchase:
Popcorn! At a movie theater.

Lusting after:
A soulmate.

Spring must-haves:
I don’t really care what season it is… I might wear fur in the summer!

How do you unwind:
Take a nice bath.