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Sharp lines and rapturous curves--they comprise both calligraphy and couture. So perhaps it makes sense that Jean Paul Gaultier, a master at working a theme, connected the dots. The result was a collection that was often beautiful, even though multiple subplots weakened the core message. Where once Gaultier might have had his way with feathers and embroideries, here he ornamented the clothes with bold graceful strokes, swirling florid lines around the seductive, leg-baring slash of a cocktail dress or the border of a sweeping white gown.... click to continue

GIVENCHY: Riccardo Tisci married two artsy inspirations, the work of 19th-century painter Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, who fancied a thick carpet of rose petals perfect for sensual lounging (Tisci petaled his floor in lovely homage), and Pina Bausch's delicate dance costumes. Hence the palette of nude-to-pink tones and the languid drapiness of the cuts.... click to continue

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Photos by Giovanni Giannoni