Above (left to right): Chanel, Givenchy, Lacroix

The couture shows are underway in Paris. Check out WWD's coverage of the presentations.

Chanel: An enormous set of nonfunctioning organ pipes constructed in the rotunda of the grand Palais set the mood for Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel collection on Tuesday morning. From where his guests sat, it made for an expensive curiosity, one clarified as the models started walking.... [continues]

Givenchy: What's most interesting about Riccardo Tisci's approach to couture is that he rejects the haute genre's traditional ladyfied ways in favor of a next-generation sportswear approach. It was a bold stance to take when he arrived at Givenchy, one he has developed with distinction into something that now seems worthy of the couture mantle.... [continues]

Christian Lacroix: "Don't say that you adore me, don't, unless you love me" came the plaintive request from the soundtrack. Which begs the question, what's not to love?... [continues]

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Maison Martin Margiela: Finding variations on his beloved recycling theme must be an amusing pastime for Martin Margiela. The secretive Belgian's latest collection of so-called "artisanal" pieces of handmade garments was long on fun and games... [continues]


Christian Dior: John Galliano built a beautiful Christian Dior fall couture collection around the house's iconic Bar jacket. He even brought an element of its shape into one of his tours de force... [continues]

Giorgio Armani Privé: Beautiful. A capsule of the designer at his best, which is to say signature, chic and very current. Remember when Armani... [continues]

Alexis Mabille: In his program notes Alexis Mabille claimed to be dressing a gaggle of fun-loving, unconventional characters who populate an artsy alternative school. He does in fact offer an alternative take on haute couture... [continues]

Photos: Giovanni Giannoni