A new market in Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall pairs local entrepreneurs with long-term retail space—in the form of salvaged shipping containers. These colorful Lego-like cans house everything from art galleries and eateries to boutiques and even an internet radio station.


The nontraditional approach to retailing has led to some unconventional shopping: 3rd Ward, an artist collective based in Bushwick, showcases its products in the windows of its container, allowing shoppers view them only from outside; to purchase an item, simply text the seller. Merchandise is shipped directly without ever stepping foot into a retail space.

“We looked for vendors that would offer unique products and services, as well as ones that would reflect and complement the community where Dekalb Market is located,” says Eldon Scott, president of Urban Space, the developer behind the market. Unlike many of the pop-up flea markets, Dekalb Market is open seven days a week, serving the local community and allowing its businesses to establish more permanent homes.


This Sunday, Dekalb Market will celebrate Fashion Week starting at 3 p.m. with fashion shows and events.

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