Rocky Mountain High from Brown’s “Guerrilla Lounging: Aspen” series

New York moms, hold on to your kids. Bad-girl artist Delia Brown—known for borrowing the mansions of patrons for her campy “Guerrilla Lounging” series (showing the painter and her friends engaged in illicit activities)—is now borrowing children for Mary Cassatt–inspired scenes of herself as a mother. “The perception of my work is that it has a cynical edge, but these are very tender moments,” says Brown, who will exhibit the canvases this spring at New York gallery D’Amelio Terras. And while the sort of drugs pictured in her other work are not involved here, sugar is. “It makes kids more rambunctious,” Brown says, “but they will stand still if you promise them a Jelly Belly.”

Rocky Mountain High: Genevieve Hanson/Courtesy Of The Artist, Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, And D’amelio Terras, New York