For the next two weeks, W's fashion editors will be sharing their holiday travel plans along with essential wardrobe pieces for each destination. Check back here for what to carry home to Austin, Texas or on a holiday to Bali. Below, W's Fashion Market and Accessories Director, Karla Martinez, shares her picks for her dual holiday destinations.

This year I'll be in two very different climates during my winter holiday. But first, even before leaving New York, I have to stop by Sharon Dorram Salon for a keratin complex treatment with Chris Lospalluto--it's the only thing that manages my curls in humid weather. After the salon visit, I am traveling to El Paso, Texas to visit my family. My wardrobe in El Paso usually consists of jeans and a cozy sweater, but for Christmas Eve dinner I am packing a special dress from Oscar de la Renta's resort collection.


Helmut Lang fur snood for the cold airplanes. [#image: /photos/5853a999d3b7a5db18f3c111]||||||Helmut Lang, $520.00

For Christmas Eve, I will wear this Oscar de la Renta red dress.


I always pack my favorite crewnecks.

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After Texas, I am headed to Puerto Escondido, a casual surf town in Mexico. For this trip, my suitcase won't be as full--but I am taking my favorite beach essentials:

For the evening chill... [#image: /photos/5853a99a6666b2eb4762e4f4]||||||David Szeto, Zig Zag Print Scarf, $298,