South Korea has become a hub for the international fashion community. Recently, at Seoul Fashion Week, a slew of designers, including J Koo, Kye and SJYP, showed outstanding new collections, with streetwear and logomania continuing as key trends on the runways. Off the catwalks and on the streets, the fashion game was equally as strong, with the K-pop stars, cool kids and models parading in and out of the shows in a mix of streetwear-inspired pieces by local talents and designer threads by Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Vetements.

Now, American shoppers can get the look thanks to Nordstrom's new Pop-In@Nordstrom: KFASHION shop.

This shop marks the final installment of the Korean-inspired Pop-In series, curated by Vice President of Creative Projects Olivia Kim, which highlights the range of Korean style. The series launched with a Pop-In by Gentle Monster, the cutting-edge, Korean sunglasses brand. It was followed by a K-Beauty Pop-In, which stocked all of those hard-to-find, specialty Korean beauty products, ranging from sheet masks to BB creams to cleansers.

For the KFASHION Pop-In, which launched March 31st (online and in select Nordstrom stores), Kim selected pieces from 11 of South Korea’s best clothing and accessories brands (with prices ranging from $45 to $640), many of which just showed their latest designs at Seoul Fashion Week and are making their U.S. debut with this Pop-In@Nordstrom.

“The Korean fashion scene is exploding,” said Kim. “There’s so much buzz and energy around Korea and Seoul Fashion Week, and fashion there is differentiated in how quick, energetic and youthful it is.”

Those in the know will recognize popular labels hanging on the racks, like Steve J & Yoni P (their show is one of the hottest seats to snag at Seoul Fashion Week, thanks to their covetable denim creations), Kye by designer Kathleen Kye and J. Koo by Jinwoo Choi and Yeonjoo Koo. Alongside them will be pieces from Kuho, Hyein Seo, Yune Ho, and Suecomma Bonnie. There will also be a range of assorted accessories, home goods and other knickknacks on offer, like Ricepuffy animal blankets, Yummy World key chains, and at-home Kimchi Kits.

“Pop-In is about bringing in the best of what we’re seeing out in the world and propagating it back in a fun and digestible way. There is so much happening in Korea, which is why when we started exploring our KPOP idea we decided to build a series of its own to really show the best of what we’re seeing. We hope these shops excite customers so they come explore and get involved.”

The KFASHION Pop-In, featuring a mix of sporty men’s and women’s pieces along with more refined, tailored designs, runs through May 7th at select Nordstrom locations including Dallas, Chicago, Bellevue, Seattle, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver, as well as online at