Best in Show

A new photography and art blog dedicated to dogs.

Laurie Simmons Mrs Sizzle

The new website may seem aimed at a rarefied crew: “It’s a curated blog for dog lovers devoted to art and photography,” explains its founder, Suzanne Donaldson. But filled with arresting visuals, moving anecdotes, training tips, and sources for everything from chic leashes to commissioned portraits, it has surprisingly broad appeal. Having spent decades working as a photo director for various glossy magazines, Donaldson, a proud mama of three pups, called on her extensive contacts for contributions: Laurie Simmons photographed her grand-dog Lamby; Tim Walker snapped a contemplative pic of his and partner Jacob K’s rescue pooch Stig; and Mickalene Thomas submitted a collage featuring her dachshund Priscilla. Cindy Sherman doesn’t have a dog, but in support of the site she sent images of her 24 year-old parrot Mister Frieda, sunbathing in the window after a shower. “Just one click will make the heart wag,” says Donaldson.

Photos: Best in Show

Laurie Simmons. Photo courtesy of Mrs.

Tim Walker. Photo courtesy of Mrs.

Mickalene Thomas. Photo courtesy of Mrs.

Cindy Sherman. Photo courtesy of Mrs.