A pro–Barack Obama dog collar

Those disgruntled with the current administration have a new alternative to bumper stickers. Dogs 4 Democrats (www.dogs has unleashed a line of unlikely political props, such as waste bags emblazoned with mug shots of President Bush or Vice President Dick Cheney and the slogan mission accomplished. Launched in July by political activist Sharon Feldman, the site also sells collars and T-shirts. While the i bark for hillary shirt is in the wardrobe of Barbra Streisand’s bichon frise, Feldman’s own Doberman-Labrador, Sally, prefers her i ❤ obama collar. But Feldman says the pup is eager to get any Dem in office: “You think eight years of Bush-Cheney is bad? It’s 56 years to Sally, and man, that’s a long time.”

Collar: Brian Guido