Celebrating Dylan Brant’s Cowboys

As the show closes and rides off into the sunset.

Dylan Brant

What: Adam Lindemann’s Venus Over Manhattan Gallery closes out Dylan Brant’s hit show, “Rawhide”, with a cocktail party.

When: Wednesday, July 8th

Where: The New York EDITION, Ian Schrager’s hot spot hotel.

Who: The artist was joined by Bill Powers of Half Gallery, professional Instagrammer Jia Jia Fei, painter Peter Saul, and editor-about-town Dorian Grinspan. ____

Why: We loved this show when it opened, and are sad to see it ride off into the sunset. Cheers to drinking away our sorrows.

Photos: Celebrating Dylan Brant’s Cowboys

Dylan Brant. Photo by

Dorian Grinspan and Charles Berthoud. Photo by

Bill Powers. Photo by

Jia Jia Fei, Molly Gottschalk, and Georgia Wright. Photo by

Katherine Lauricella and Peter Saul. Photo by